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Mythbusting 1

From the desk of….Laura Sparano, CEO, NHCOC

I love that TV show “Mythbusters”. These guys go to great lengths to prove or disprove something. (I’m also a fan of “My Cat from Hell”, “Call the Midwife” and “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet”, but we can talk about that later.) So here we have the first 3 – “Mythbusters – Nordonia Hills Chamber-style”.

Myth #1 – The Chamber is part of the government. Absolutely not true. Although we have a good relationship with our local governments, we do not rely on tax dollars to keep our doors open. Some chambers receive monies from their cities for economic development projects; ours does not.

Myth #2 – The Chamber is a non-profit organization. This is half true – we are a 501 c6 nonprofit organization. This means we are a civic organization, not a charitable organization; we are a non-profit funded by a dues paying membership.

Myth #3 – They forgot me in the Board photo from the May Chamber meeting. Nope – I’m not on the Board of cataDirectors! I am the CEO/Executive Director of this Chamber and the only employee actually. You elected the board and the board hired me.

Stay tuned – I’ll have a few more myths in my next installment. Hey – if you’ve heard anything about the NHCOC that you’re wondering about – let me know. I’ll clear it up. Now if you want to talk about Jackson Galaxy and Dr. Jeff, give me a call!

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