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EXPO TIP: Offer Something Fun

Play Some Games and Give Out Prizes
One simple way to do this is having people complete a quick task that will enter them into a drawing. These tasks could be as easy as singing in at your booth, signing up for your email list, taking a picture and tagging your company, or using your custom hashtag.

Contests are an extremely easy way to increase attendee engagement at trade shows. The trick is to do something creative and offer a great prize to winners. At Dreamforce 2017, New Voice Media asked attendees to guess how long it would take for a block of ice surrounding an iPhone to melt. Those who guessed right received a brand-new phone for their efforts. But even the participants who didn’t win had fun. And New Voice Media won too because their contest boosted traffic to their booth and helped them secure leads.

Remember what we said earlier about fun? Trade show attendees want it! So, try to think of something unique and entertaining for them to do at your booth. A smoothie bike is a great idea. Folks pedal and blend their own fruit beverage. It’s fun, different, and memorable.

Make your booth interactive with a game. Incorporate virtual reality, iPads, touch screens and more.

Host a photo booth.
Whether you have an instant Polaroid print out or send the photos by e-mail, guests always enjoy taking photos. Use this opportunity to include a branded backdrop, banners, flags, props and/or decor.


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