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Create A Powerful Image for Your Booth and Presentation

Never underestimate the “wow” factor at a trade show. You only have about 30 seconds to capture your audience’s attention, so make those first few seconds count.

Tools for introducing the “wow” factor into your trade show appearance include:

  • A colorful, well-designed booth.
  • Knowledgeable booth staff who can easily engage people in conversation.
  • Working models of your unique product or service.
  • Audio and/or video to capture attention across a busy venue.
  • Literature and/or product samples for potential customers to take home and remember you by.

Build ways to garner attention at the event, as well as stick in attendees’ minds afterwards. Part of this is color coordinating your booth artwork with the literature or samples you hand out, so the attendee recognizes your logo and name later on.

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