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Chamber Chatter: 9-28-20

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Use Experiential Marketing

It might be time to make some changes to your social marketing plan.  Many consumers are still “quarantined” at home and they’re tired of the same old FaceBook images and memes.  Create an experience – something they can talk about – and promote your brand at the same time.  

Do you feel like your business is just shouting into the wind? Does it seem like the time you spend on social media is extensive but yields few results? Are you sick and tired of Zoom calls that take too long and accomplish too little? If so, it might be time to think about experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing is the act of creating a memorable experience that will be associated with your brand. Many smaller businesses think of experiential marketing as the type of thing that businesses with Super Bowl-esque budgets do. 

And they’re right.  But this article contains ideas of how you can make a large impression on your ideal customer.

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