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New and trending trade show booth ideas

1. Realizing that the biggest booth isn’t necessarily the best booth, exhibitors are scrambling for highly customized and unique trade show display ideas. Even those in the largest spaces are trying to get outside the box so that they are sure to attract attention. They’re going beyond the basic, boring, booth. Instead of designing one big structure, many are now thinking in terms of a set of elements and creative trade show booth ideas.

2. Have comfortable seats and lounge spaces for attendees to relax. These are ideal spaces to interact with your customers over a cup of coffee. Having a place for people to relax is one of the best ideas to attract people.

3. Lightweight or portable displays are easy to set up. That’s why retractable banner stands, hybrid displays with fabric graphics, and tabletop displays are increasingly becoming popular. If you want to get most buck for your buck, these materials are worth checking out and investing in.

4. Make use of memorable and functional interactive elements such as tablets and touchscreen displays. These are also immersive technologies that naturally draw people in along with being cool trade show booths in general. Perhaps you can learn from what Intel did during the Mobile World Congress 2012. The company personalized technology by asking attendees to download its mobile app, which included a survey and photo-sharing feature. Attendees are then able to answer a brief survey question (What’s in your pocket?) and upload their picture along with it. Now that’s a smarter way of making visitors feel welcome; Intel was also able to capture data straight through the app.

5. Think outside the trade show display booth. Yes, your promotional campaigns are not tied to single physical location. You can send out tweets with a special hash tag to attract more visitors in the area. Or you can encourage visitors to share “booth moments” and create buzz on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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