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Mailing Services

Mailing Labels
December 2010 (revised)

Business-to-business mailing labels for all Nordonia Hills area businesses are available.
Chamber members only plus elected officials (300+ businesses) – $25.00
Newsletter mailing list (800+ businesses) – $50.00.
All NH businesses plus elected officials (1,000+ businesses) – $75.00
Please order 48 hours in advance.
Orders can be placed by calling Chamber Office at 330-467-8956.
All labels must be pre-paid, or payable upon delivery. Credit cards are accepted

Bulk Postal Permit Usage


1.    You can go to – Postal Explorer – Quick Service Guides for Standard mail if you have any questions.

2.    Before the material is printed, pick up a Bulk Rate stamp facsimile from the Chamber Office.  Request that your printer prints the facsimile on each piece to be bulk mailed.  OR Reserve the Bulk Rate stamp from the Chamber Office.

3.    Stamp Bulk Rate onto each piece to be mailed. All pieces must include “Return Service Requested” either under the Bulk Stamp or under your return address. We will be ordering stamps that include that wordage.

4.    Sort mailing by zip codes, local (440 & 441), and out-of-area.

5.   Addresses with zip codes beginning with ‘440’ and ‘441” will be mailed at the cheapest rate (AADC). You must have a minimum of 150 of those. All others will be charged at the Mixed AADC rate which is a few cents more.

6.    Rubber band together. Keep track of the numbers 440 & 441 and out-of-area for postage purposes.

7.    Bring a sampling of your mailing (approx. 30 pieces), the number of 440 & 441 pieces and out-of-area pieces, to Chamber Office.

8.    At this time, you will pay for the Bulk Permit usage (see chart below) and be given a “permission slip” and U. S. Postal form. Chamber staff will help you complete the form.

9.    Customer will take mailing and forms to Post Office and pay Postmaster for postage used. Postal workers will NOT complete your form for you. They will only verify your computations.

10.  Customer MUST obtain plastic mailing tubs from Post Office prior to walking to the counter to pay for postage and mail items.

11.  All pieces with “address changed” or “undeliverable” will now be returned to the post office. It is your responsibility to pick them up and pay $.28/per piece. Although this may be a costly change, you will be able to update your address/contact list.


·        Bulk Rate stamp & Return Receipt Requested must be on every item.

·        Chamber members must complete the U. S. Postal form.

This form must be completed before a Chamber Staff member will sign in.


200 (minimum) –  500 pieces – $ 15.00
501 – 1000 pieces – $ 20.00
1001 – 1500 pieces  – $ 25.00
Each additional 500  – $ 10.00

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