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Chamber Chatter: 11-16-17

So what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  I am thankful for Nordonia Hills – all 4 communities.  I’m thankful that the business community has so much to offer.  I’m thankful I can live and work in the same community.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to run to Cleveland or Akron for everything. I’m thankful that my kids received a great education with amazing colleges within 1 hour drive time. I’m thankful that the businesses can hire our young people and give them opportunities. And I’m thankful that although we may disagree on the means, we are all working towards a better Nordonia Hills.

So, if you are thankful like me, let’s let our town know it by spending our holiday dollars in Nordonia Hills. Supporting a business in town supports your neighbors and enables us to continue to have robust shopping available. Picking out something unique, holding an item in your hand, chatting with the shop owner, and supporting a local business beats 2 day shipping, hands down.

Make spending locally your priority this season and all year long. Small businesses don’t have ad campaigns that can get your attention over and over again to eventually affect your spending behavior. You have to make the choice. It means that when you read the local paper, you look at the ads with the mindset “How will these ads help me accomplish my holiday shopping?” It means seeking out and ‘liking’ local business’s FaceBook pages. It means when you are stopped at a traffic light, you look at the storefronts and sandwich boards to see what the special deals are. It also means going into the stores and becoming familiar the owners and with what is offered locally.

Be a tourist in your own town! Many people seek out areas like Nordonia Hills to spend the day and shop. Be one of those people in your own town! Take a day or an afternoon, meet a friend, have lunch and stroll through the shops. You will find things that you’d never find in the big boxes, and you’ll have a pleasant experience too!

Set your radar to shop small this holiday season, and all year round. It will surprise you how rewarding it can be.  Small Business Saturday is Nov. 25.  Shop Small and share your support for the spots you call your own, whether it’s your barbershop or even your yarn store. Celebrate our community with the small businesses that make it special.  Places like these keep our community strong and vibrant, employing your friends, family and neighbors.

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