Benefits 1 Group

Benefits 1 Group – Workers’ Compensation Discount Rating Program

Time for savings through group rating!  It’s time to again consider your workers’ compensation premium rate and how it affects your bottom line.  Has your cost for workers’ comp coverage stayed the same despite having no injuries within the last few years or ever?  Benefits 1 Group, your fellow Northern Ohio Area Chamber of Commerce member, is offering a free evaluation to determine whether you qualify for a group rating discount, assess your current premium rate and claim activity, and consult on your overall program.

No risk.  No Obligation.  To receive a free evaluation determining your possible premium savings, fill the AC-3 out online (temporary authorization only)

Or, do one of the following:
•    Complete & scan: PDF, then email to
•    Fax: AC-3 to 888.588.7630
•    Mail: Benefits 1 Group, 25001 Emery Road, #340 Cleveland, OH 44128
•    Call: 216.765.4200 (toll free 877.765.4200)

Click here to download AC-3