Wednesday 28 June 2017
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To promote our members through education, leadership and communication between businesses, government and our community.

Resource Development

Object: Staff – Increase by 1 part-time position ASAP – add 1 more part-time position when membership reaches 400

Object: Tools – All things necessary to run a professional office – including move

Object: Volunteers –

Object: Finances – Increase revenue to provide free services and to support above listed items

Economic Development

Object: To facilitate “one” community by creating partnerships through direct links between businesses and government

Object: To provide broad-based networking opportunities to maximize promotion of the Chamber

Pro-Business Advocacy

Object: To develop and provide information (education) (actively disseminate?) on the impact that public policies have on business to:

Object: To monitor local issues, looking for opportunities to advocate for business

Member Services

Object: To ensure members receive a maximum return on their investment

Object: To build community “stakeholder ship” among/in/by Chamber membership